At Quinte Air Supply, we are your go-to company for gas fireplace maintenance in Belleville, ON, and the surrounding area. We have been giving the community the most reliable and durable fireplace assistance for several years. Fall and winter would undoubtedly lose their allure without a fireplace to warm up to. Knowing what has to be inspected and maintained will help you extend the life of your gas fireplace while also putting safety first. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced in performing gas fireplace repair in Belleville safely and responsibly while also offering excellent maintenance.

    Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Belleville

    Even if your gas fireplace is turned off for the season, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. You should turn it on and off regularly to ensure that nothing is broken or damaged. One of the best times to get your annual maintenance check is at the conclusion of the cold season. Not only will we be able to see you sooner, but any difficulties will be addressed right away, preventing them from worsening during the summer.

    Here are the most obvious signs that your fireplace needs to be serviced as soon as possible.
    • Rotten Egg Smell
    • Pilot light problem
    • Soot buildup
    • On/Off malfunctions

    It might be aggravating to discover that your fireplace isn’t working. With the colder months approaching, you’ll want to ensure your gas fireplace is in good working order. Knowing when your fireplace needs to be serviced can save you time and money. It’s always crucial to have reliable home heating, and that’s where we come in. We take pleasure in having the tools and specialists necessary to provide you with the customer service, satisfaction, and dependability that you deserve.

    Your Gas Fireplace Repair Technicians

    Your Gas Fireplace Repair TechniciansAt Quinte Air Supply, we are committed to offering exceptional gas fireplace repair to the residents of Belleville. We’re proud to provide excellent residential, commercial, and industrial service. We endeavor to provide you with the most outstanding service and options to meet your specific requirements. We’re known for our dependable labor and courteous and prompt service in Belleville.

    Our highly positive Google and Facebook reviews are a testament to our great service. Technicians from our team can examine your unit and provide you with an exact heating repair cost estimate. We are even available for emergency repairs 24/7. Our shop is located on Cloverleaf Drive in Bellville, and we’re always ready to show up punctually to provide you with the gas fireplace maintenance you need.

    If you need help fixing your fireplace in preparation for winter weather, give us a call today to receive the best in gas fireplace repair.

    We also offer gas fireplaces in Quinte West and Shannonville.

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