Furnace Maintenance in Brighton, ONAre you looking for first-rate furnace maintenance services in Brighton, ON? Our professional technicians at Quinte Air Supply provide thorough furnace tune-up services to keep your heating system up and running.

    You probably have some questions about our furnace checkups. What happens during a furnace maintenance check? What are the advantages of having regular maintenance services performed on your furnace? Learn the answers to these questions, and discover how our company can supply all of your furnace maintenance needs.

    Dependable Furnace Maintenance in Brighton

    Expert Furnace Tune-Up ServicesFurnace maintenance or a furnace tune-up involves a visual inspection of the various parts of the heating system. This includes the heat exchanger, belts, air intake grilles, and other components. Our technician is looking for corrosion, rust, or other types of damage. If there is damage, our technician is able to repair or replace the part.

    Another aspect of a furnace tune-up involves cleaning dust and dirt off the blower fan. The blower motor is tested, and its wiring is checked for damage. Other connections throughout the system are inspected and tightened.

    Many of the components of a furnace operate with lubrication. The technician lubricates connections to keep things running smoothly. Changing furnace filters is another part of the maintenance process. The system’s thermostat is also tested to see if it’s registering an accurate temperature.

    Of course, there are advantages to getting a thorough tune-up for your furnace.
    • Address small issues before they worsen
    • Maintain energy efficiency of the system
    • Extend life of your furnace
    • Get valuable guidance from our technicians

    After your furnace maintenance visit from our expert technicians, you’ll have total peace of mind! Your tune-up will help you understand the exact condition of your heating system, making planning for a new one a more pleasant experience. It also helps to prevent unexpected repairs, and will even improve your indoor air quality. It’s a great service with plenty of benefits!

    Expert Furnace Tune-Up Services

    Quinte Air Supply is family owned and proud to serve the furnace care needs of our neighbors in Brighton and the surrounding area. We’ve been doing business in Brighton since 1988! Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. We’re respectful of both your time and your property so we go about our work with careful efficiency.

    Our team of capable technicians stands ready to handle your next furnace tune-up, so contact Quinte Air Supply to schedule an appointment today.

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