UnitsQuinte Air Supply is one of the top providers of heating and air in the Greater Napanee, ON, area. For more than three decades, we have worked on heating and air systems in the region. Quinte Air Supply will repair systems at all hours in emergency situations.

    We offer financing options on approved credit for installations. Lennox chose us as one of their premier dealers for our stellar customer service and extensive knowledge. Our technicians can also fix any brand of heating and cooling system.

    Greater Napanee Heating and Air Repair

    Whether you have a central air conditioning system or an HVAC system, they exhibit the same warning signs of damage.

    Some signs that damaged systems show include:
    • Operate louder
    • Drive up your energy bills
    • Leak
    • Stop maintaining the set temperature

    HVAC problems may start off small, such as a minor difference in maintaining your preferred indoor temperature. However, the system can sustain more damage when it continues running with a broken part or develops a leak.

    If your system isn’t properly warming or cooling your home, then you might have a thermostat problem. Dirty or dying batteries can make a thermostat malfunction. Other possible causes behind improper heating or cooling include a bad capacitor, a failing compressor, or a damaged motor.

    Restricted airflow is also a common problem that we come across. This can drive up your energy bills. Dirty air filters, overgrown grass around the outdoor condenser, and dirt buildup in the system will block the airflow.

    Finding the Right HVAC Installation

    An HVAC installation must take into account the size of your home. You need to know the square footage of your home for the right-sized unit. You don’t have to figure out the square footage of your home on your own. It is the duty of our technicians to perform the calculations, inspect your property, and then give you an accurate quote.

    The benefits of installing a new system include updated features, better energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Old systems will lead to you becoming stressed when they begin breaking down often. Frequent breakdowns in an old system also indicate that you need a replacement.

    Heating and Cooling Installation

    HVAC Maintenance for Longevity

    Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance extends the lifespan of all system types. Systems that handle both heating and cooling need bi-annual tune-ups. If you have a furnace and an AC, then each system needs an annual tune-up.

    Professional maintenance comes with a full inspection and cleaning of the internal components. Our technicians will lubricate the moving parts of your heating and air conditioning system to prevent them from sticking and breaking down. Your system is less likely to break down when it receives regular maintenance. Problems are also less severe in well-maintained HVAC systems.

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