How to Optimize Your Home Heating With a Heat Pump

November 18, 2019

Heat pumps keep homes warm during the long winters in Belleville, but they work differently than traditional furnaces or boilers. As a result, they have their own unique upkeep schedules and set of maintenance tasks you should do each year. When you follow a solid maintenance plan, you’ll get the most out of your heat pump.

1. Prioritize the Heat Pump

Heat pumps are highly efficient at delivering heat throughout a home as well as maintaining a steady temperature. To make your heat pump work in harmony with your older central heating system, set the system’s thermostat to a few degrees higher than the old thermostat. By prioritizing the heat pump over your traditional furnace, you’ll max out your comfort as well as savings.

2. Don’t Use “Auto” Mode

Heating technology works most efficiently and effectively when it’s told what to do. When your home is cold, a heat pump should be switched to “Heat.” It should only be changed to “Cool” when springtime comes with warm weather. Setting it to “Auto” can lead to a chaotic—not to mention expensive—heating and cooling schedule. A system set to “Auto” may decide to cool down your home on a sunny winter morning, causing it to work much harder than is needed.

3. Do Routine Maintenance

Dust and debris can prevent your heat pump from working at peak performance. We recommend sticking to a routine maintenance schedule to get the best results from your system. Vacuuming out the dust filters when they get dirty will improve airflow to the heating system and reduce any strain on the system. Be sure to keep an eye on your outdoor unit as well. Leaves, plants, snow, and other debris can pile up around the unit and impede the airflow if it’s not cleared away.

Quinte Air Supply is also happy to take care of your heat pump maintenance needs in Belleville.

Belleville’s Professional Heating Installation Services

Heat pumps are a popular way to optimize home energy efficiency and cut down on heating costs. The technicians at Quinte Air Supply are Belleville’s local heat pump experts. We have the experience to handle top-notch heating installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. In fact, we handle cooling, gas fireplaces, and sheet metal services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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