How to Prevent Furnace Repairs

November 19, 2020

Nobody wants to call someone to repair their furnace unless they have to. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your furnace from needing repairs.

Change the Filter

Many furnace problems are caused by something as simple as a dirty filter. A clogged filter limits airflow, which makes your furnace work harder than it has to. You should check the filter every month and replace it at least every few months.

Open Closed Air Vents

Many people close air vents in unused rooms to save energy. Because your furnace is designed to heat your entire home, this can cause problems. Instead of saving you money, closed air vents will probably cost you in the long run.

Preventative Maintenance

You should have a technician tune up your furnace every fall. Preventative maintenance includes services like lubricating moving parts that keep furnaces operating as they should, cleaning interior components and checking electrical connections. A competent technician can also spot little problems before they become expensive repair bills.

Quinte Air Supply offers such preventative maintenance in Belleville, ON. We’ve been providing this and other heating services to local residents since 1988.

Check the Thermostat Battery

It happens quite often that someone calls an HVAC technician because their furnace won’t work. Upon arrival, the technician sees that the battery in their thermostat is dead. If your furnace doesn’t turn on, replacing the thermostat battery is a great place to start.

Replace Your Old Furnace

If you have an old furnace that needs frequent repairs, it’s likely time to replace it. It rarely makes sense to keep spending money on furnace repairs when those funds could go toward buying a new, energy-efficient model.

Give Your Furnace a Break

While it’s tempting to crank up the heat on a cold day, don’t set it too much higher than the outdoor temperature. Doing so will cause the furnace to strain and accumulate wear and tear.

The team from Quinte Air Supply performs high-quality heating services in Belleville. We install, repair and maintain furnaces. We also perform these same services for air conditioning systems. Besides that, we’ll take care of your heat pump, water heater, gas boiler, in-floor heating system, ductless system, fireplace or sheet metal fabrication. Please call today to schedule one of our services.

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