If you’re concerned about indoor air quality in Quinte West, ON, the team from Quinte Air Supply will be there for you. Sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes can all result from poor air quality. Long-term exposure to certain contaminants can lead to heart and lung disease. If you suspect that you have an issue in your home, you’ll want to schedule an indoor air quality consultation as soon as possible.

    Indoor Air Quality

    Particulates, chemical vapors, bacteria, mold, and viruses can all be airborne within a house. They can circulate throughout the ducts, and if they get inhaled in large quantities, they can make you sick. Contaminants build up over time in indoor spaces if there isn’t enough fresh air flowing through a house.

    Quinte West Indoor Air Quality

    An expert can assess the air in your home and offer sound advice about steps you can take to get it as clean as possible. They’ll personalize their services to meet your individual needs.

    There are several sources of indoor air contaminants
    • Pets
    • Cleaning supplies
    • People
    • Furniture

    To clean air, there are many options to choose from. Air scrubbers and purifiers are great at removing a very large majority of contaminants. You can also upgrade the filters in your heater and air conditioner in order to keep indoor air cleaner. If you’re concerned about disease spread, you can get a UV light installed in the ductwork of your home. These lamps can scramble the DNA in bacteria and viruses, keeping them from multiplying and making you sick. UV lights are also highly effective against mold.

    Indoor Air Quality Experts

    Expert Indoor Air QualityAt Quinte Air Supply, we want our Quinte West customers to be safe and comfortable in their homes. Our family-owned and -operated company focuses on quality, and we always work with customer interests in mind. Our rates are reasonable, and we offer flexible financing options on approved credit for installation projects. We’ve served area residents since 1988, and we’re ready to go the extra mile to build lasting and trusting relationships with people. Our skills allow us to serve the needs of both residential and commercial customers.

    With a shop on Cloverleaf Drive in Belleville that has everything our technicians need for any type of job, we can respond to service requests promptly and professionally. We have the skills to work with all makes and models of air cleaning systems, and we stay current with advances in the industry. You can trust us to get every job done right the first time. We’ll stand behind the quality of our results.

    Give the team from Quinte Air Supply a call today to learn more about our work with indoor air quality in Quinte West.

    We also offer indoor air quality in Belleville, Brighton, Trenton, and the surrounding areas.