Top Mistakes That Can Void Your HVAC Warranty

September 16, 2021
HVAC Warranty in Belleville

When you buy an HVAC system, it comes with a warranty. The warranty covers major parts and guarantees against the equipment being faulty. However, it’s possible to void the warranty if you make certain mistakes.

Not Registering the Warranty

Once your HVAC system is installed, you’ll receive paperwork that includes the warranty. Don’t set the warranty aside; you need to fill it out for it to be active. You can usually fill out the warranty online.

If you don’t fill out the warranty when your HVAC system is installed, it could void the warranty. Even if this isn’t the case, you’ll need to recall or find information from when it was installed. This can delay getting a problem fixed that’s covered under the warranty.

Using Third-Party Parts

HVAC manufacturers always recommend that when a part needs to be replaced, only their parts should be used. There’s no guarantee that third-party parts won’t cause an issue. While third-party parts may be just as good, using them can void the warranty.

Neglecting Annual Maintenance

Having a professional perform annual maintenance on your HVAC equipment is important for several reasons. One of them is that most manufacturers require it under the warranty. Getting regular tune-ups prevents problems that could be easily avoided.

Quinte Air Supply in Belleville, ON, offers HVAC tune-ups. Our service is comprehensive and is performed by knowledgeable technicians. We service all makes and models of HVAC systems.

Failing to Keep Records

Even if you have your HVAC system maintained every year, failing to keep records of this can void the warranty. You need to keep proof that it’s been maintained by a licensed technician. Other records you need to keep include proof of proper installation and any repairs that have been performed.

At Quinte Air Supply, we repair, install, and maintain HVAC systems in Belleville. This includes air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and packaged systems. Our other services include duct-free systems, indoor air quality, water heaters, and sheet metal fabrication. Call today to find out more.

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