Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Furnace

January 12, 2022
Furnace Buying Guide in Belleville, ON

If you’ve decided that a furnace is an ideal way to heat your home during the colder winter months, you have a lot of decisions to make ahead. There are many different types of furnaces that all have their own pros and cons. In this ultimate guide, you’re going to learn all about furnaces and how to select an appropriate one to meet your needs.

Pick a Fuel

There are four main types of furnaces that you can purchase. These include gas, propane, oil, and electric. The most popular choice is the natural gas furnace due to its fairly affordable installation cost and ongoing operating costs. For those who don’t have a natural gas line in their town, heating oil or propane can be a secondary option. In general, heating oil will cost less to run over time than propane. Electric furnaces are the cheapest to purchase. However, their operating costs can be expensive since they run solely on electricity.

Determine Your Heating Capacity Needs

Any furnace that you invest in should have a heating capacity equal to or just above what your needs are. Start with determining what the total square footage of your home is. In the Ontario region, you’re going to need your heating system to produce around 60 BTUs per square foot.

To get the desired heating capacity of your furnace, you’ll need to multiply the total square footage of your home by 60. For example, let’s say that your home is 1,000 square feet. This means that you’ll need a furnace with a heating capacity of 60,000 BTUs.

Consider Efficiency Ratings

When it comes to purchasing an energy-efficient furnace, you’ll need to look at the AFUE rating that it has. Those with ratings of between 80% and 89% are considered to be mid-efficient. Furnaces with ratings between 90% and 99% are to be the most energy-efficient options on the market.

Reliable Heating Services

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