4 Reasons Your Furnace Is Making a Banging Sound

October 20, 2022
Noisy Furnace in Belleville, ON

Like other mechanical systems, furnaces make some noise while running. The noise is often low and isn’t very disruptive. If your unit produces weird banging sounds, however, it may be a telltale that it has an issue. Here are the common causes of banging sounds when a furnace is on.

1. Clogged Air Filter

The leading cause of banging sounds in a furnace is clogged air filters. The accumulation of dust, dirt and other debris may block your unit, leading to increased air pressure. The pressure may result in the expansion and contraction of the metal ducts, causing loud bangs as the duct surfaces move in and out. The best solution to this issue is to clean and replace your filters on a regular basis.

2. Delayed Ignition

Delayed ignition is another known culprit for causing banging noises when a furnace is running. Gas is often channeled into the furnace to facilitate ignition. Delayed ignition forces the gas to fill the combustion chamber. The large amounts of gas in the section later produce banging sounds when the unit finally ignites. Ensuring your unit is in good condition by scheduling maintenance is a surefire way of eliminating bangs caused by late ignition.

3. Wrong-Size Ductwork

Wrong-size ductwork is notorious for making banging sounds when a furnace is turned on. In particular, smaller ducts are often pushed outwards due to their inability to handle a lot of pressure, making them produce banging sounds. A professional will assess the issue and replace the furnace or ducts to eliminate the noise.

4. Clogged Ductwork

Clogged ductwork can also result in banging sounds. When your duct is full of smaller particles and debris, air passing through it can cause the particles to move about, leading to banging noises. Scheduling frequent maintenance to clean your ductwork is an excellent way to get rid of the bangs.

Bottom Line

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