Furnace Maintenance in Trenton, ONIf your furnace hasn’t been serviced this year, it’s time to call for furnace maintenance in Trenton, ON. It’s recommended to undergo a regular furnace tune-up in the fall months before you need to rely daily on your heating system. This gives you enough time to address any problems that your heating system may have before the cold winter weather hits.

    Furnace Maintenance in Trenton

    Your furnace is a complex system with a lot of moving parts. Just like your vehicle, it requires regular maintenance to keep all of its parts in great condition. Furnace technicians will lubricate all moving parts, clean your furnace’s internal components, ensure that exhaust fumes are vented properly, assess the condition of all the furnace’s parts, and so much more.

    Benefits of regular furnace maintenance:
    • Extends the life of your system
    • Keeps your warranty active
    • Ensures peak operating efficiency
    • Enhances indoor air quality level
    • Reduces breakdown risk

    Many homeowners are surprised to discover that annual maintenance is a necessary part of their warranty contract. If you skip maintenance for just one year, it can void the entire warranty on your heating system. This can leave you paying for breakdowns out of your pocket. It’s best to get annual maintenance and keep copies of these records as proof that the service was performed by a licensed professional.

    Regular maintenance is also a great way to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. The more energy efficient your heating system is, the less money you’ll have to spend to heat your home through the colder winter season. Skipping maintenance can result in dirty components that underperform and an overworked heating system that prematurely wears.

    Expert Furnace Tune-Up Team

    Expert Furnace Tune-Up TeamQuinte Air Supply is a family-operated company that has been providing expert furnace tune-ups since 1988. We’re happy to be locally owned. Our technicians are highly skilled, knowledgeable about all types of heating systems, and fully licensed to do the job. We take pride in being a Lennox Premier dealer. When you call Quinte Air Supply, you can always expect quality workmanship alongside excellent customer service.

    Our expert technicians will travel throughout Trenton and the surrounding regions to perform maintenance on your furnace. This includes customers who live near Centennial Park, Hanna Park, the National Air Force Museum of Canada, Mount Pelion & Park, and the Quinte Museum of Natural History.

    If it’s time for your annual furnace maintenance in Trenton, give Quinte Air Supply a call today!

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