What Is the Most Common Issue With Furnaces?

November 14, 2023
Furnace Services in Belleville, ON

You want to keep your furnace running strong during winter in Belleville. It is very common for an excessively dirty furnace filter to cause a wealth of issues, including leaving your home too cold to be comfortable. Explore the signs of a dirty filter so that you will be able to identify and solve the problem promptly.

Uneven Heating

You might notice that all of your rooms are not the same temperature. This is because a dirty filter prohibits the efficient distribution of warm air. As you walk from room to room, you may feel that some rooms are colder than others.

Reduced Airflow

When there is a clog in the filter, air is not able to get through properly. This means there is less air getting into the ducts and out of the vents. When you stand by your vents, you might notice that the flow of air is not as powerful as it usually is.

Excess Dust

When you look at your registers and vents, you might notice dust accumulating more frequently. Increased respiratory and allergy symptoms are also possible. This is due to the excess dust in the dirty filter pushing through your ducts and into the air.

Frequent Cycling Off and On

Rapid cycling is possible with a dirty filter. It puts extra stain on your furnace which could result in parts wearing out faster. This also decreases energy efficiency.

Strange Noises

When your filter is especially dirty, you might hear whistling, rattling, and banging noises. This is due to pressure imbalances as a result of restricted airflow.

HVAC Professionals in Belleville

Your furnace is vital for keeping your home comfortable throughout the cold months in Belleville. While several issues can occur that affect its operation, knowing about the most common issue will help you know what to be aware of should a problem occur. Our experienced professionals can help you with a wide array of furnace problems, as well as your other HVAC system concerns.

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