4 Common Issues That Can Make a Furnace Blower Malfunction

October 18, 2023
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The blower is one of the main components of the furnace. Its job is to blow air through the ducts into the intended rooms. Like other parts of the furnace, the blower can malfunction for one reason or another. Here are four common issues that can make a furnace blower stop working.

1. Electrical Problems

When your furnace blower fails to work, the issue can be electrical. The furnace could have a tripped circuit breaker or a compromised control board. Loose wiring connections can also cause a problem. A technician can diagnose the exact cause of the electrical problem and fix it.

2. Clogged Air Filters

Aside from electrical issues, clogged air filters can make the furnace blower malfunction because clogs in the filters caused by dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris buildup restrict airflow. Regularly cleaning or replacing your furnace’s filters is essential to keeping its blowers operational.

3. Thermostat Issues

The blower can also fail to work because of thermostat issues. For instance, poor thermostat calibration can cause inaccurate temperature readings. The furnace won’t blow air if the thermostat is telling it that the house is already at the set temperature. The same can happen if the thermostat is faulty. Ensuring the thermostat is properly calibrated and in good condition is critical to keeping the furnace blower functional.

4. Poor Maintenance

Proper maintenance is key to keeping all furnace components working while a lack of maintenance can make the blower wear out and fail. Neglecting maintenance can also result in air filter obstruction and damage to the motor belt, both of which can affect the blower.

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