Things You Can Expect During Your HVAC Installation

January 8, 2024
HVAC Installation in Belleville, ON

Are you considering installing a new heating and cooling system in your house or workplace? You may be curious about what will happen during your appointment. Installing a heating and cooling system is difficult, so knowing what happens next is crucial. Here, we’ll explain the steps our technicians go through to install your new system.

Assessment and Measurement

When the HVAC expert comes to your home or workplace, they measure how big it is, look at the ceiling’s height, and see what insulation there is. The assessment will help them decide what size and type of system is best for making your space comfortable throughout the year. They will also pay attention to any existing air ducts and ventilation setups they can use in the new system.

The technician will also determine the best placement of the indoor and outdoor components. If necessary, the slab for the outdoor condenser can be re-leveled.

Equipment Delivery and Preparation

Once we determine the appropriate type and size of the system that best fits your needs, we can order everything. The installation process includes removing and properly disposing of your old system. On your part, be sure to move any items that block the indoor or outdoor units before they arrive.

Installation and Connection

The next step is the installation and linking of the parts of the HVAC system. Your technician will probably begin with the machine called an air handler, which delivers cool or warm air throughout your home. They will also install the condenser outside, which houses coils, fins, compressor, and other vital components. They will check, replace (if needed), and connect the lines that carry the refrigerant and wires.

Final Inspection and Walkthrough

The last part of installing an HVAC system is checking the system and ensuring all parts are put in right, linked up, and set. The technicians will give you instructions on using and maintaining the system. Make sure to ask any questions during this walkthrough to ensure you fully understand how to operate the new system and how to look after it.

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